Love Spell Diaries – How they can boost a white magic love spell

Do your memories possess energy that could be used to fix your love life through harnessing them for a love spell? Creating a diary as an energy source for a love spell has been a method that’s been used for many decades in order to create reset points, and that’s what I’m going to be […]

Black magic love spell series – part two: Make an ex reach out

A powerful black magic spell This is part two of a 3 part series surrounding this variant of black magic voodoo. This love spell is a class C and it’s quite effective in achieving contact where there was a previous blockage. Now.. if you are just joining us, you will want to refer back to […]

The new blessings full moon – love spells done under the moons full eclipse

Full moon July 2019

When it comes to love spells, it’s hard to find better energy sources than full moons. Last night on July 16th 2019, we had our new blessings moon and my coven did half a dozen love spells for various clients and friends. I participated in 4 different rituals personally last night and I must have […]

July’s “Buck Moon” sheds light within the love spell community

Love spells used during full moons Powerful love spells cast through white magicAhhh, if I hear “Buck Moon” one more time from someone saying they are preparing something with a spiritual healer for this night.. First, in the spiritual, healer, love spell, spiritualist whatever community you want to call it, we don’t refer to this […]

Part 3 – Third Party Interference Spell

Powerful love spell 3rd party interference love spellIf you are just joining us, please click here to refer to the beginning of this series This is the final part of my Third Party Interference spell I’ve posted about this week. Now that we’ve discussed how to open this ritual and what to expect, we need […]