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Free attraction love spell – earth based (very strong!)

Free attraction love spell – earth based (very strong!)

Free attraction love spell – earth based (very strong!)

My name is Madeline Stone, and I’m pleased you’re reading my article regarding love spells.

I’m quite often asked to discuss this topic in several different ways and aspects, so tonight I’ve decided to talk about the best ways to do love spells yourself to attract love.. as this seems like a happy and healthy and FUN way to begin!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


This photo above came as a stock image, but it was so lovely with a fitting quote that I decided to keep it.. anyhow, let’s move forward. How do we use a love spell to attract or re-attract love? Why should we have to do that? SHOULD we even have to or want to?

I suppose that answer lies within you. You cannot tell another person what they should feel, think or even how to profess a human connection with someone else. How can you move past a person that you simply know is a twin flame to your spirit? That’s a hard thing to do, especially if there is a possible solution that helps the two people recross paths in life.

Love spells can do just that. There are several methods, but my favorite way to begin this process of reconnection is by doing an elemental connection. This is simply where you harvest what is left in the residual channel that two people share.. we feel this energy when we daydream of past time with someone, and we feel it when looking at photographs and things of that instance..

There is one way I love to use to harvest this particular energy, and it’s done through a journal of sorts.. I recommend actually getting out pen and paper and writing down a day you shared with this “special someone”.. write down the things that happened that day, special moments shared, emotions felt and as much detail as one could remember..

Once that paper is written you would soak it in honey and rose oil in a pot with earth (and soil for growing) on top of the paper. You would then pick a small garden flower seed and plant that seed in the soil above the paper.

Water this baby plant and allow it to grow, as it can be used as a TREMENDOUS energy source in several different ways.

Anyhow, that’s enough for tonight. Stay blessed,


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