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Part 1 – Third Party Interference Love Spell

Part 1 – Third Party Interference Love Spell

Part 1 – Third Party Interference Love Spell

This is part one of the 3 part series. Let’s get down to brass tacks and discuss supplies.

1. Focus and positive energy knowing that you will self guide and allow your body and subconscious mind to be your guides. There is no wrong way to meditate.

2. Candles. And then more candles. You can never have enough energy from candles creating your atmosphere and ultimately adding to the raw power and intensity that you can harvest from correct candle usage 🙂

3. A photo of yourself, your love and then also a photo of the person we are removing.

You will need two trays.. metallic or otherwise, to lie on your altar table. I personally use oak carved trays, but I understand the availability on those sort of things can be limited.

Take your photo and your lovers photo and lay them together facing each other, and then tie them with red string. I’m the second tray, lie the photo of the person being removed face down, and burn it. Face down, and save the ashes in the bowl. Once that’s done safely, you will then take the ashes and place them on top of the photos of you and your lover. Extinguish the candles and then blow the ashes off your photos and take the photos and place them under your mattress.

More to come..

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