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Part 2 – Third Party Interference Love Spell

Part 2 – Third Party Interference Love Spell

Part 2 – Third Party Interference Love Spell

Interference love spell

If you are just joining us, please refer to part one by clicking here

Now that we have the opening ritual done, the most important part of the spell takes place. Most often this is when people start waiting and panicking for results. That’s simply not a good choice. Love spells thrive off of natural energy and quite often with most spells, your own personal energy is the source for that specific love spell. If your energy is constantly panicked or worried, that’s the energy you’re putting into the universe. As the old dating goes: garbage in, garbage out. The Manifestation period for this love spell is 3 days.. that’s means over the next 3 days you should be envisioning as much previous Positive energy as possible.

I know, I know.. sometimes this is much easier said than done, but there are many ways to problem prevent and be consciously aware of how to monitor and control our own energy to ensure as much energy goes into the source of the love spell.

One way I like to make sure this is done correctly is through guided meditation. On the onset of any love spell, get candles. Typically a dozen red and white are adequate. You will want to set up a meditation area and turn off all electronics and make sure you have a pleasant undistracted venue to let your mind focus without distraction. While you can find plenty of help online, I typically advise that meditations are done through self guided happiness and centering yourself.. there is no right or wrong way to do this, and it’s as easy as letting your mind wander back to a point where you two shared when the energy was at its highest point between you two. Instances like this are extremely wonderful sources of energy for meditations and will help you create the correct type of energy to make your meditation fuel the love spell wonderfully.

These meditations should be done daily until manifestation is achieved… even after that I recommend continuing them because they are a wonderful way to address problems, stress and also simply make sure you have time set aside to take care of yourself.

Stay blessed, and goodnight.

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