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Part 3 – Third Party Interference Spell

Part 3 – Third Party Interference Spell

Part 3 – Third Party Interference Spell

Powerful love spell

3rd party interference love spell

If you are just joining us, please click here to refer to the beginning of this series

This is the final part of my Third Party Interference spell I’ve posted about this week.

Now that we’ve discussed how to open this ritual and what to expect, we need to prepare ourselves for manifestation. Obviously there are several things we can be actively doing daily to help nurture any love spell you are trying to grow.. whether it’s a white magic love spell or a black magic love spell.

Let’s break these things down and evaluate its worth and merit:

1. Meditations. This was discussed so heavily in the last posting that I’m not going to delve too deeply into it. Please refer to my previous blog post, however I still wanted to make sure it was rated as the main priority because I can’t overstate it’s worth.

2. Setting yourself up for success.

Just because you’ve had a love spell cast doesn’t mean you’re not accountable for your own actions now. An example: Sitting at home when you were invited to a social gathering where the person of interest is attending isn’t a good choice. You need to position yourself positively for positive things to happen. A love spell cannot make you groom yourself, dress nicely, shower, walk out of the house and put yourself in a social situation near people you’re attracted to. Obviously in the technology age, things have changed so I understand face to face encounters aren’t as easy as before.

3. Being honest with your flaws

We aren’t perfect, and a love spell isn’t going to change that. There are always going to be things that irritate your partner, and addressing them can make the difference in saving your relationship.. obviously if someone else was involved, and you needed a third party interference spell to begin with, then there was something you’re partner wasn’t feeling was being addressed through their energy with you.

4. Be self aware of your actions

Remember that everything you do you see still accountable for. A love spell doesn’t remove accountability.

Now that you have your opening free and clear without interference, you have the tools, information and process available to make sure your relationship succeeds!

This is the final part of the 3 part series..

more series to follow as interest is shown.

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