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Commitment love spells – free love spells you can do yourself! Part two.

Commitment love spells – free love spells you can do yourself! Part two.

Commitment love spells – free love spells you can do yourself! Part two.

Powerful commitment love spells

Fast acting white magic love spell:

Today we will be discussing the materials required for getting things ready for your commitment love spell! If you are just joining us, please refer to part one of this series by clicking here:

Part one – a powerful commitment love spell

We have great energy already being displayed between you and that special someone and now it’s time to seal it for good! To do this, we need a few basic items:

Items for the commitment love spell:

A personal item of the person we are casting on: something smaller in size is always best because then after the ritual, you can use it as a talisman to keep on your person through completion of the work.

Something you’ve been given by them.

Rose petals

Tigers eye stone (if unavailable, any semi precious gem is fine)

Half a dozen small red or white candles

A meditation area.

Pen and paper.

An altar tray or table or surface you want to use for your altar. Wood is a traditional favorite amongst my circle, but it can be whatever appeals most to you. Try to avoid metals.

Next, we will set up the outline of our altar with candles. These will be our only light source unless you’re lucky enough to be blessed with dead wind and can do it outside and use moon as a compliment. You will want to set the candles up so that the light really stands out on your altar. This is your beacon in the darkness and your spiritual version and energy of yourself. There is no right or wrong way to set up your altar during a love spell, so put the candles wherever seems best.

Next you will have your altar center and focal point. This is where the stones and talisman of personal and given objects will be placed.

This is where the pan and paper come in. You’re going to be writing a letter to the person we are casting the love spell on. This is going to be our direct energy source. They will never actually see this letter, so the contents should be as forthright and genuine as possible. Take your time with this letter, and have it specify all the changes you want to see as an end result. Now, take this letter and lie it in the middle of your altar, and place the items mentioned above on it. Light your candles and sit in front of your altar and focus on the letter. Read it in your mind as best as you can remember and try to mentally visualize the subject and instances within the letter. You’ll want to do this for 20 minutes.

Tomorrow, we will discuss the closing aspects.

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