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The Witching Hour Series: Black Magic Love Spells

The Witching Hour Series: Black Magic Love Spells

The Witching Hour Series: Black Magic Love Spells

Real black magic love spells –

Do you want to join me in using dark forces for pure intent? Sounds adventurous, so over the next few weeks I will be documenting a variety of techniques I use during my witching hour sessions for black magic love spells.

We can start with a Crossed Candle basic altar set up. This is used to have an energy reserve of old connected emotion. Think of it as taking your previous connection with someone and transferring that energy to a battery to store it. Now we want to plug that battery back into that person so they feel that feeling again. That’s what this black magic love spell does..

We need an offering glass (which we leave empty for now, depending on what our ritualistic intent is) candles forming a loose quadrilateral as shown below, and then your talisman.. a wooden box filled with your attraction objects as shown below does just fine.Now you have your basic set up. You’ll want to get dark colored candles, a scrying orb for deeper cycles if you’re experienced, and.. I like to have another living soul in the chamber with me.. usually an animal. You won’t find this discussed often.. but it’s an old trick when working with dark spirits during the opening of a black magic love spell. The animal will alert you as to when the spirit is manifesting, and that’s your signal to begin the opening chants with your offering or blessing. This is also a great time to the praise aspect of your ritual and giving thanks.

Tomorrow evening I will discuss the prayers, opening aspects and leading through the close.. I’m off to start my sessions with Carmella.

Stay blessed.


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