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Black magic love spell series – part one: Make an ex reach out.

Black magic love spell series – part one: Make an ex reach out.

Black magic love spell series – part one: Make an ex reach out.

A powerful black magic spell – return ex

Looking for a powerful black magic spell to hear from that special someone you haven’t spoken with in a while?

Then this is the ritual for you: a black magic love spell designed to bring thoughts of you back to the conscious energy in someone.

This spell has a variety of methods, and I’ve even seen white magic versions of this love spell. However, for this series we will be discussing the benefits of using the black magic love spell derivative.

If you have any questions about the use of black magic versus white magic, I’ve written several articles regarding that already and I can refer you back there.

Let’s start getting into the materials that you will need for this black magic spell. In order to make it possible, you want to make sure that you have your attraction object. This is going to be the renowned voodoo doll. I don’t want this article appearing as a gimmick for selling voodoo dolls, so I’m not going to be including any links where to purchase one, we are going to simply make our own!

In order to do this you’re going to need some basic sewing skills and a craft store nearby. This part is quite easy and you are going to trace an outline of a human figure in cloth and cut it out. You will make two of these, and then sew them together on top of each other creating a human shaped pillow case of sorts. Stuffing it is where I deviate from the norm. I want the stuffing to consist of equal parts of the following:

A cut article of the person clothing. A favorite shirt etc.. you will shred the clothing item to small pieces. Next we want a few pieces of their hair when possible, and then we want to add crow feathers (these you can order) take the feathers and cut them into smaller pieces and then take all of your ingredients you’ve made and place them inside the doll and close it by sewing it with black string. The doll foundation is now complete and it’s time to get it ready for our voodoo spell.

In order to have the doll work as our attraction object for energy, we need to do a spell prior to the voodoo around introducing the doll to the altar for your black magic spell. This is an aspect that’s quite often skipped, and it makes a world of difference by adding it and not cutting corners.

For tomorrow we are going to start discussing the initial opening for the voodoo doll. Get them ready today and meet back here to be part of this series!

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