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Powerful black magic love spells, white magic spells & knowledge.

Powerful black magic love spells, white magic spells & knowledge.

Powerful black magic love spells, white magic spells & knowledge.

Powerful black magic love spells & real love spells that work!

My name is Madeline Stone, and I practice white magic and black magic love spells using a variety of techniques I’ve spent quite a large amount of time developing. I only focus on love spells, and I do not use spells for any other issues such as money, changing personal appearance, or things of that nature. My black magic spells are very potent and powerful, and I’ve spent over a decade researching which love spells achieve the fastest result. The contents of this website are my findings.

Shite magic love spell stones
My gorgeous collection of gems I use for my white magic rituals!

When deciding what love spell you want to use, it’s important to select the proper type based on the criteria surrounding your situation.. this means there is no “one spell” that suites everyone. Each case is specific to its own energy, so using one persons success based on a specific ritual as the measuring stick of results you should expect isn’t a good idea..

Love spells are mainly divided into two categories: white magic and black magic love spells. The main differences or factors between these two spells is length of time it takes to open the love spell, the connection used, the energy channels using created energy vs natural energy and karma.

Let’s begin by discussing the pros and cons of white magic love spells.

White magic love spell gems
Crystals are an important part of your altar


1. White magic love spells work based off of natural energy so there is nothing foreign energy wise being introduced.

2. White magic love spells harness residual energy so the foundation you’re building by using this love spell will always last even after the spell has fully cycled.

3. There are many cheap and effective ways to “boost” this style of magic, and almost any elemental meditation would be an asset.

4. You don’t need to worry about the stigma surrounding white magic as it’s much more commonly accepted versus black magic love spells.


Most people want a white magic love spell, but they want it with the timeline and raw power of a black magic love spell. This simply can’t be the case. Black magic love spells create a new energy in the person being cast upon, and that new energy obviously stirs the situation instantly. Also, when using a black magic love spell, the energy is quite often targeted towards a specific goal or emotion wanting to be achieved so it’s effect is superior.

Love spell sage
You can’t ever have enough sage on hand when casting love spells!
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Black magic love spells


1. The timeline. When you need change instantly, this is typically the style of love spell you want.

2. Specific targeting. Black magic love spells can be driven through a specific channel designed to isolate and address a particular instance, behavior, influence or issue. White magic love spells address an overall situation or goal, whereas black magic love spells tend to be able to be niche.

3. Multiple issues. When you need multiple issues addressed, a black magic love spell series is quite often the best choice in that you can cover several aspects at once without overloading someone emotionally.

Now, let’s talk about the most popular topic when discussing black magic love spells: karma.

There are many debates and opinions surrounding black magic and it’s backlash through karma.

I’m here to set the record straight: It is IMPOSSIBLE to incur negative karma when acting on a matter of the heart.

When you’re in love, pursuing that love can’t cause a backlash. It just can’t. If you used a black magic spell to have intercourses with someone, then yes. If you use a black magic love spell to win the lottery, then yes. However, when you are using a love spell for love and intend to build a healthy life with someone else and you genuinely want the best for them, there’s no karma issue. I’ve been using black magic in dire situations for over 3 decades and never had a single instance of it. At the same time, I only cast love spells and take cases where a relationship is the end goal. I don’t do any other type of spells whatsoever, so if you’re looking for something else then this isn’t the website for you.

I highly recommend viewing my blog, as I am slowly but surely uploading my spell books to that place on the website, and you can save money by learning how to implement and use your own love spells!

Now that you have some basic information, it’s time to make your love spell choice. There are several criteria that will determine not only which style of love spell you want (white or black magic) but more importantly, what you should expect from that spell as it unfolds.

Also, if you are a practice Witch and you are looking for a place to call home, look no further! All forms of love spells welcome. Join our discussion:

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