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Love spells food drive – Sunday July 28th, 2019

Love spells food drive – Sunday July 28th, 2019

Love spells food drive – Sunday July 28th, 2019

Quite often when we are working a love spell, we are asking for energy. Focusing on ourselves and requiring things to go our way. Usually, that would be called selfish and looked down upon. To the contrary, I believe it’s very important to focus on yourself. Sometimes. I also believe at other points you should focus completely on others. Everything is best done through balance.

During the times of year when I am asking a lot from the universe or from the spirits, I like to make sure that my time outside of those things is the appropriate it with doing at the time. This helps maintain the balance that karma watches over. It’s very important to make sure that you are not taking more than you are giving at any point otherwise your request becomes impure.. And it does not matter if you are using a white magic love spell or a black magic love spell. You cannot grow something positive out of a selfish negative mindset.

White magic love spell food drive
This woman’s night was turned around and she told us she didn’t have a plan to get dinner

This is one of the main issues that I have trouble in explaining to clients: You need to be doing positive things and having a positive mindset at all times while the love spell is growing… otherwise you aren’t ever going to realize it’s full effects and power. Love spells are like children.. they require constant growth and love and attention, and the environment you grow them in is ultimately going to dictate its direction.

To everyone who bought a love spell, passed out goods, or helped in any way with realizing our goal this past weekend with feeding 100 homeless people (with the goal next week being 200) All I can say is wow.. what a blessing for everyone involved.

This past week:

Love spells

Thank you to the babies for bagging the sandwiches!

To help or even simply offer a prayer, contact us via the live chat or leave us a message!

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