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White magic love spells – Free easy to use at home love spells, yet powerful!

White magic love spells – Free easy to use at home love spells, yet powerful!

White magic love spells – Free easy to use at home love spells, yet powerful!

White magic love spells are built by using our gifts from Mother Nature.. these blessings are how we sustain life. This article is going to teach you how to cast your own free white magic love spells that you can do inside your own home, with very little money required.

This is my meditation area outside. I like to be under my favorite tree as I find a lot of peace. Your meditation area should be that of a place of peace and balance.

White magic love spell meditation
My outside white magic love spell meditation area.

My favorite meditation tree for my love spells

We are able to harness this gift from Mother Nature and give her praise through a variety of methods. I’m listing a few easy to use white magic love spells that you can do at home. You will need to gather some basic items, set up an area and bring positive energy to the table! Remember, white magic love spells are grown through your own energy, so if you’re in a bad mood, have a headache, low energy etc it’s going to be challenging to have the love spell yield it’s maximum effects..

Step one: find your area.

This step is extremely important. Quite often when I am giving a guided meditation I am setting up my end and then I come back to check with the client and they told me they are ready to go and they are in their living room and watching a baby or still somewhat distracted.

No. Your area you set up needs to be isolated and focused. This is your time for a single line of thinking. You cannot have other issues, people, or situations around you. This area Need to be able to be a place where you can self center and relax. When I’m casting a white magic love spell, I like to be outside, in nature, embracing the energy that emits from all life.

If people are around, I go under my tree.. however other times when I have the house to myself I will cast white magic love spells directly in my kitchen:

White magic love spell
My crystal sorting and unboxing area 🙂

(Keep in mind if you’re around people this isn’t a great idea!)

Now that you have your space, let’s talk about things that are great on a white magic love spell altar:

Here are some close up photos of the altar stones you will want for white magic love spells. Your minerals are quite important, and Carmella is absolutely wonderful at finding blessed stones that are amazing roots of energy 🙂

Love spell crystals
White magic love spell altar crystals & my energy talisman
Real love spells

Amethysts are amazing energy sources for love spells!

The major rule surrounding white magic love spells

Our Law of Attraction – You get what you give..

This phrase means exactly what is says.. you attract the same type of energy you put into the universe.. We have the ability to attract whatever we choose into our daily lives.. any variety of attitude, crisis or stress, or lack thereof.. which helps shape our future and what it has in store for us, and the people that will be part of it.

I often talk to people and they talk about the qualities and characteristics of the people that they want to fall in love with them. They say things like good looking, having money, being athletic, and things of that nature. Many of those qualities they themselves do not possess, and they aren’t even aware that there is an unbalance present. This does not necessarily mean that you need to be rich or good looking to attract someone that has those characteristics, but you need to be self-aware and position yourself in order to do so.

This means that if you want someone who is in shape and athletic, you should probably be creating that environment.. whether it’s going to the gym, the park, or physical minded places.

White magic love spells work based on natural energy, for creating the right set of circumstances each day to optimize that will work in your favor many times over.

Fast love spell crystals

This is my core white magic altar crystal for love spells

Garbage in, garbage out..

That’s a common saying I heard around my home growing up many times when I was making a bad choice. Whether it was eating the wrong food, hanging around the wrong crowd, or whatever decision my mother didn’t agree with.. and it held very true. You truly do get what you give, and quite often this falls under the topic of karma..

Let’s discuss Karma.

When you are pursuing a matter of the heart, it’s impossible to incite negative Karma. You will find this statement in several different places throughout this website.. simply because it’s true. The act of love is pure when it’s purpose is to join in a life long bond with another human being.

This is one of the most controversial aspects of casting love spells, whether they are white magic or black magic love spells..

Love spell altars
Geodes can capture energy and transit a love spell 🙂

Essential altar crystals and gems for ANY love spell:

1. Amythest – these are must have items. I don’t think I’ve ever worked a love spell where my altar didn’t have a few of these. I’ve always been extremely fond of tigers eyes, amethyst, geodes and quartz.

2. Tigers eye – I consider tigers eyes to be my scrying stone of choice.

3. Geodes – geodes capture and release energy during the opening ceremonies of a white magic love spell. These stones possess amazing strength and can channel connected energy between two people like you wouldn’t believe.

Powerful love spell
This is my rose clam. Passed down through 6 generations.

4. Clams – I know most people aren’t aware of this but clams are a strong energy talisman if you are bound to the ocean. When you are striving to achieve the maximum amount of energy you can create, it’s important to use personal items that are sources of power for yourself and those whom you love.

5. Your personal stones of choice – your input and emotion is quite important if you’re casting on your own energy for a love spell, so selecting stones that call out to you is necessary. There is no right or wrong way to set up your altar. So many people stress over right or wrong, and that take away from the main rule: if it feels right to you, it will work better. Some people use candles, some don’t. Some have 10 crystals, others have 100.

Next, you will want to create and control your surroundings. All electronics should turned off, phones put away, and start with your personal energy cleansing. This is where you let go of the stress and hassle of the day. Bringing your problems, stress, schedule or anything else with you into your session is counter productive. There are many energy cleansing techniques that are amazing online, so I won’t waste time getting too far into them. Here are some links if needed:–17229

Now that we are ready to begin our white magic love spell, we need a purpose. Most of the love spells I perform are done to help repair a connection between two people, so my goal is quite often to be that of gaining contact between two people or amping it up. I typically try to encourage people that are doing a love spell to write down 3 focal points they are trying to target. These goals should be short term changes they want to see while the love spell opens. An example would be:

William wants Mary back. The 3 goals should be addressing the issues that William feels are preventing the reconnection from taking place:

1. Being able to talk to Mary about past issues without anger.

2. Being able to see each other and spend quality time frequently.

3. Have discussions about each other’s future and the roles one another will play in those plans respectively.

Having measures success creates positive energy, which only fuels the power behind your love spell you are growing. Also, being able to take smaller steps allows for a much more solid nature connection, instead of finding yourself in a situation where the other party feels like too much is happening too quickly and withdrawals or becomes overwhelmed. Remember, there is negative energy currently preventing the reconnection, and being considerate of the situation and trying to repair it in a healthy manner that both of you are comfortable with is extremely important.

It’s now time to begin our white magic love spell. We have our area, our altar, our goal, and our energy ready. This is the part where many people panic. They easy way to navigate this is to realize you do not have control:

1. When casting a white magic love spell, you are asking for help, so the essence of that is a release of power or control.. let go.

2. Your focus should be essentially day dreaming.. reliving and remembering the best energy you shared with the person your casting on.

3. Declare your intent to the universe about your reconnection/connection/etc and envision that goal happening. Picture it and realize that energy within yourself and then feel the earth around you. Feel its warmth, it’s pulse and it’s embrace around your aura.

4. Shift that energy from your mind into the world around you. Push it into the atmosphere and let go of that positivity.. you will feel an overwhelming calmness when this is complete and the session will change from a feeling of yearning to almost a disinterest.. That’s the point your meditation and ritual opening ends. This process should take roughly 20 minutes or however feels the most natural to you.

I hope this article helps, and if the community is interested in more of these free do-it-yourself love spells, then send me a message! I absolutely love showing them to people. White magic love spells are an extremely wonderful and positive aspect of my day and I’m happy to answer any questions 🙂

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