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Love Spell Diaries – How they can boost a white magic love spell

Love Spell Diaries – How they can boost a white magic love spell

Love Spell Diaries – How they can boost a white magic love spell

Do your memories possess energy that could be used to fix your love life through harnessing them for a love spell?

Creating a diary as an energy source for a love spell has been a method that’s been used for many decades in order to create reset points, and that’s what I’m going to be discussing in this article.

When I’m writing, I like to sit outside under one of my trees and reflect prior to putting pen to paper.

Quite often when I’m working with a client, the conversation takes a turn where the client expresses “I wish things could back to this.. “ and then give me an example of a time when they were happy together.

Those memory instances actually can change your mood when you are thinking about them.. they can make or break your day within moments, bring you to tears, or put a huge smile on your face. These memories quite often can be driving force behind your day to day attitude.

So when we find ourselves in a position to require old energy or emotion to be brought to the surface, using a white magic love spell to resurface energy can be extremely powerful.

How do we go about accomplishing this? This is why we create a love spell diary (I call it that because it’s purpose is only to create energy for our love spells) and we document our journey.

Begin your love spell journal
Before beginning your journal, it’s important to reflect. This is not a step to be rushed.

What type of things should go into this love spell diary? Anything and everything that you have emotions towards pertaining to the situation. If you drove past a car on the road and it reminded you of the person we are casting on, include that instance. Also you would want to write down how it made you feel, and every ounce of energy and detail you can put into it. The reason for doing this is when you are ready to use the entry, you want to relive the instance.. this is how you bring residual energy to the surface.

It’s important to remember to be resurfacing positive energy and instances between two people, especially during dark times in the relationship. Quite often, negative instances can become a focusing point and can whittle away at the core connection between two people.

To begin your diary, you’re going to want to relive old instances between the two of you that you have not documented. This is probably one of the most important steps and one of the most overlooked. When you are creating this, it is the natural energy source that is already present between you and the other person, so putting this energy into writing is going to dictate how much energy is created.

White magic love spells are fueled by naturally occurring energy, and this is one of the most effective ways to harness energy where contact is either mainly negative or non existent. Before beginning, you should have at least a dozen instances you can remember that will be your previous entries prior to today. The exact dates aren’t important, so don’t stress about that. As long as you can reread the entry, and envision that days occurrences in your mind during your energy releases than that’s adequate.

Here’s a sample outline of how your entries should look: (minus custom things you feel that you should add, such as addressing it to yourself or to whom we would cast upon, dates, etc)

1. Overview of the day. How things started, and how each aspect of that day unfolded. Remember, your words are your paintbrush.

2. Specific instances that made you feel strongly (either positive or negative)

3. Imagery. Describe your settings. Be able to read and envision where you where.

4. Thoughts on what happened. Remember to write down your initial thoughts, as quite often when you go back and read again you will have a different perspective or more information )

5. Goals for the future. List at least 3 things you would like to see accomplished and give a timeline (I.e. immediately, 48 hours, a week, a month etc)

If you are a current client working with either Carmella or myself, please also provide a copy of your spell journal to us via google hangouts!

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