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The good and bad about love spells

The good and bad about love spells

The good and bad about love spells

White magic love spells- Let’s talk about karma & intention.

Most requests for a love spell are designed to return a lover immediately, and shift their free will to yours. There is a lot of debate on the internet regarding the ethical use of a love spell and what would violate free will. In this article, I’m going to discuss both arguments and then also give my opinion as to why I am going to cast them and also teach others how to do so.

First off, free will means just that. Free will is a two-way street and just as other people are allowed to live out their lives as they see fit, you are also able to do the same. If it makes you happy to cast a love spell, why shouldn’t that be a factor in arguing free will?

White magic love spells
Yes, this is a black magic variant of voodoo. These type of rituals incur karmatic law. White magic spells don’t when pursuing true love.

It’s my free will to do as I see fit.. how is anyone’s opinion of what I’m doing relevant under that topic? It’s so hypocritical it makes no sense… as long as it isn’t preventing others from doing the same..

White magic love spells use natural energy. Passing old emotion to someone again so they can “relive a moment” or think of you again isn’t manipulating free will anymore than it would be considered manipulation to wear a revealing dress or makeup, for that matter.

There is a difference between setting the stage and positioning yourself to get what you want versus interfering with actual free will.

The pursuit of happiness is something everyone should strive towards, and trying to build a relationship with someone without causing harm isn’t against free will.

Years ago, it was considered noble for a gentleman to court a woman and continue attempting to gain her affections despite being turned away. Quite often, the couple would end up getting married.

Nowadays, everything is so carefully calculated to factor how everyone feels about every decision that’s made and that has accomplished much less than allowing your heart to lead when it comes to love.

Love Spell ingredients
Ingredients for your altar don’t need to come from a spiritual store. You can put your energy and focus into any type of elementals

Can karma play a role in a love spell?

Yes. Let’s discuss how. Karma is a major influence when it comes to your overall goal of the spell. Are you doing this for selfish reasons simply to sleep with someone, or is your intent of pure intensity and you are doing this because you are trying to build a bond with someone? This is something you need to carefully answer and weigh into your decision making process when you are picking which spell that you want to use.

Love spell stones for white magic altars
This is one of my core altar stones.. nothing fancy, but what a great picture!!

While we are discussing karma, I feel like this is also a relevant time to talk about focus. There are going to be instances while you are having work done on someone and then someone else catches your eye. I’ve ever had situations where I’m trying to repair a couple and working towards a long term solution and healing, and the person who’s hired me asks if they are allowed to go on a date during the work with a different person, or if I will cast something short term to help them take their mind off of the project.. which is understandable, especially if there’s a lot going on.

As far as me feeling it’s viable to cast love spells on multiple people at the same time, the answer is no.

I do not cross energy channels. I don’t see the merit in it and I can’t stand behind the finished project. Let’s analyze the reasoning:

When you are casting a black magic spell (assuming you’re clearly an issue) you are changing the current energy. When you change someone’s energy, you’re manipulating free will. There are two reasons to manipulate free will:

For selfish intent, or to help that person.

Now, if we are acting on pure intent and want to be with that person, the act of dating someone else would be selfish and go against karma, thus invalidating the black magic love spell, and invoking a karmatic reaction.

If we are acting on selfish interests and simply want to be happy (and we feel we need this other person to do so) without consideration of our future partner, then the love spell wouldn’t work to begin with.

This is why I preach so heavily before about focus, intent and energy strengthening exercises during the development of your love spell, regardless of whether you’re using white or black magic. Your love spell feeds from a few different things: residual energy (what’s left of the connection between you two) current energy (your day to day energy) and current connected energy (the interaction between you two)

Typically when you’re in a situation where you have multiple romantic interests, there isn’t much current connected energy between you and the person we are casting upon long term. Sometimes, there isn’t any contact whatsoever. This already puts you at a disadvantage, so it becomes extremely important to be aware you’re already failing in one area that’s outside your control, and be diligent of the things that are under your control that you can magnify to help the spells still realize their full potential.

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