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Why use a black magic love spell?

Why use a black magic love spell?

Why would you ever decide to use a black magic love spell when you can safely use a white magic love spell alternative and circumvent negative karma?

May people believe that by using a black magic love spell, you can incur bad karma. I’ve discussed this at length, so in this article I’m going to address spells that WOULD incur negative karma by using black magic. The basis of this article is going to be explaining why there are criteria in place that dictate the outcome of your ritual and it’s overall success.

Let’s look much more closely at intent. Your intent, or motivation, behind using magic as an influencer in your life is quite important.

1. Pure intent

2. Self interest

3. Overstepping your boundaries

4. Problem prevention

5. Emotional unbalance

6. Impatience

7. Anxiety/depression

While I’m sure there are more specific factors in ultimately deciding to use magic, most reasons fall into one of these categories. You will also notice that most of these categories are negative.. and negative intention (or disregard.. yes, the fact you didn’t think about it isn’t a good excuse) WILL incur bad karma. Everything in the universe must come to balance eventually and possibly throwing your long term success with an aspect of your life instead of using natural improvement isn’t a good idea.

Obviously I get to talk to a lot of people on here and hear a lot of different situations, and the number one factor I would say that ultimately determines your overall success when using a love spell whether it’s white magic or black magic is to be honest with yourself. Instead of telling yourself that everything that you’re doing is correct, make sure that you are not only being honest with yourself, but honest with the person that you ultimately end up working with. There have been several instances throughout my career where I have had to sit down and talk with a client and explain that magic would not be the only solution to fixing their situation, but they would also need to make changes on their end and implement them as well.

It is very important to make sure of that your overall goal positively impacts everyone that it ultimately affects. Love spells should not be used for selfish reasons, and that is the number one thing I would say stands in the way of preventing that from coming to fruition.

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