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White magic love spells and the energy within them

White magic love spells and the energy within them

White magic love spells and the energy within them

What if I told you, all you have to do is believe and trust in the power of energy and magic?

Black magic love spell altar
This is a vooodoo altar.. much different than a white magic spell altar.

The universe holds a plethora of mysteries and one of them is the beautiful love spread from being to being, and in all things living, growing, and existing within the universe.

What is love? It is not a physical object. It is a sensation, a energy, a manifestation of our joy, happiness, and all good things. It is the energy you share with those near and dear to you.

When in love, we feel it to our bones, like what we imagine fireworks might feel like bursting in the night light. Everything in the universe exists through energy. 

White magic energy
Most white magic spells connect to nature in some way, typically through the elements.

Whether it be the energies the crush together to create diamonds in the rough, or energy from the sun feeding all growing things. It is all energy. This energy occurs in many currents and vibrations within our universe, but the strongest of those energies is always love, the energy that creates life.  The energy that brings us families, the energy that helps our earth grow. It is all around us, throughout space and time. Without love, there would be no survival. If you step outside and look at your neighbors, your friends, your family, a garden, a home, a car full of people, you see that energy flow. It flows everywhere, every direction, inside and out. It doesn’t disappear, it simply gets distributed elsewhere. It goes where it can be received openly. 

So if love is a force that continually exists, why do we feel we have lost love?

Why does it fail us in ways we don’t understand?

Well the truth is, it really doesn’t. It changes, it flows, it is received and repelled. When we sink into a abrasive mindset, werepel the love coming our way because we are unable to receive it. As we repel loving energy, we absorb darkness. Thus moments of depression, anxiety, tension, and more. We fall into a phase of disbelief.

In space where we pull in the counter-productive energies like, anger, resentment, and jealousy. We pull in the exact opposite of love. We pull in hate. Hate is a polar opposite to love. It is like trying to put the wrong side of a magnet together. They will not connect. They fight each other. No matter how forcefully you trying to pull them together, they will not stay connected. As we pull in these hateful energies, we begin to lose the loving energies that fill us up. The flow to places where they can be received and harnessed. Where they can exist without strife.

These loving energies are what people call white magic. White magic is produced with the essences of life, the essence of love. It is harnessed from the beauty of life itself. White magic is all around us everywhere and in everything. In fact, even in the darkest of moments, when our entire beings are set to repel white magic and loving energies, it still exists. It exists in the beat of our hearts. In the blood flowing through our veins, and every single breath we take. Love fights to capture us, to protect us, to help us. We may be full of an unimaginable darkness, and love energies will still flow to us, because the world is full over love. Love fights the darkness where ever darkness exists. Even the moon rises above in the darkest of skies. The universe is full of loving energy. The white magic of the universe.

Rose petals white magic spell
Rose petals are a sign of love and life and a wonderful ingredient in white magic love spells

Have you have made a wish? I wish to have a child. I wish to see my grandmother. I wish to go out dancing. We wish and wish and wish. Have you ever hoped your friend would be happier? Hoped for a sunny day? Hoped someone would get well? All of this is white magic, the loving energy of the universe, the essence of life. Without even knowing it, we use white magic continually. It is always there with us. Just most don’t understand it, believe it exists, or know how to harness it. We simply just ebb and flow with it. Unfortunately, that is why the darkness, from time to time can seep into us. Sink in like suffocating sludge. All our lives, we have been taught to trust in things that do not exist, or even trust in the idea of the lack of existence. The concept of we are born, we live, and we die. We are taught disbelief. We are taught to only believe in what we can see, or what can be proven in a math book, or laboratory.  In traditional medicine, they teach use that we are in good health, or bad health. We are taught our hearts pump blood and suppliesour brains with oxygen so we can function as living beings. However, they do not teach you about the essence of life. The loving energy, electricity, and power of our inner beings that keeps us alive each and every day. They do not teach you that as you complete your life journey, that the energy within you still exists.

Energy does not die. It may slow, or fasten, but it does not die. It continues to vibrate and flow. We ignore the signs. Things that used to be ‘alive’ become the nourishment of the world. Plants that no longer grow, leaves from the tree, food no longer edible, waist product from living creatures. These materials are absorbed into the earth. These things are used to create and sustain new life. New creations within our universe to nourish everything else. These energies simply do not die, they flow throughout. Some are even transmitting back into the universe from which they came. Our bodies are dependent on these energies. White magic, the loving energy that fuels us, nourishes our bodies from sun up to sunset. Plants absorb and synthesize these energies. Plants create oxygen for us to breath. Without oxygen, we would cease to breath, because our organic bodies cannot survive without oxygen. We as organic creatures must consume the essence of life, the loving energies, the white magic of the universe, to survive. Thus, why darkness can never fully consume us, it has a stopping point, it cannot consume us the way in which our white magic can.

White magic flows to us, through us, and into every area of life. It is a part of everything. We are taught so fully do disbelieve in magic at all, that we have forgotten it is a part of us. The part of us that brings life into this world. The essence of who you are, is the essence of white magic. Those who believe or are born with strong white magic, understand its essence and its power throughout the universe. Those are the people who can recognize it and harness it. They can mold it, and bend it, because they understand. They understand and respect what it brings to the universe. The respect that it has purpose and meaning to the survival of this world. To know it, to feel it, is to become it. That is how the darkness is repelled. Through the power of white magic. The power of our love and devotion to the universe, and the respect we have for it. Once we understand that white magic is within everything, then we truly understand it’s power. We can then see that with the loving energies of the universe, we can create more love. We can create abundance within our world. But it takes trust. Our trust in white magic comes from understanding it completely. From knowing without a doubt that it exists, and is an undeniable part of the universe. It is has not gone away, it has been repelled. However it does not mean we must repel it. No matter how much darkness surrounds us, white magic is always there. We can always learn to receive it, even without knowing we are doing it. 

Most have heard of variations in magic. White, dark, Egyptian, native, celtic–etc. You name it, there is reference to it everywhere. Often times we disregard it, or even fear it. There is this belief that some magic is evil. It’s just not true. It is all created in the essence of love. Darkness is the existence of nothingness. Like ash. The darkness I speak of is not magic. It is like the ash used to tame a fire. But it is not magic. It is a repellent. White magic is a part of all things, even that which we believe is evil, the white magic is simply stronger in some places than others, because of the way it is received. White is a fitting word, because we attribute white to light, and light to life. It is all magic however. It is all energy. It is all a part of our universe. Where there is hate, there is always love, because to hate, you must have loved first. No matter what though, we can always invite white magic within us. We can always accept it’s beauty and ability to bring life. We can always bring it in. Even when we don’t see it. Our inability to trust in it, and completely believe in it is what blockades us from fully knowing it’s power. White magic does not go against anything per say. Rather it washes through use like waves of water in the ocean. It lives within us, such as the water in our veins. Even a thunderstorm, which can be very frightening, is a beautiful thing. Much like white magic that is fully harnessed. 

So why does this all matter? Why are we talking about love, energy, white magic, and the essence of life? We are talking about it, because white magic is also the essence of hope, as it is the essence of loving energy. Hope is fueled by love. At timeswe may feel so incredibly lost, but we keep moving forward, because the white magic that lives within us, brings us hope. Hope for a better future. We wonder at times what drives people, what motivates them. It is always hope. Hope always comes from within us, the white magic that lives within us. Why does this all matter? It matters, because we as individuals are unable to harness the white magic within us, because we lack the understanding of where hope and love come from. We don’t see how our hopes to get in the right college, the dream job, the most beautiful wedding, are literally the white magic within us in action. Our feelings and vibrations erupt so strongly, even for just a moment, we can use the white magic within us to manifest something great. However, there is never any guarantee that it will occur, because our disbelief creates a game of Russian Roulette where we never truly know when it is going to work, because we do not know how to create the right conditions in which it can work spread it’s wings and fly. Our inner white magic is in constant turmoil with the darkness. The ash attempting to suffocate it.

Luckily for us however, there are believers in this universe. Those that will believe no matter what that the white magic is there, and can be harnessed and molded. They learn the right conditions to fully manifest it into reality. They use our inner power to help us achieve our hearts desires from the energy within us, and within the universe. But to receive this power, we must believe. It is not enough to simply say you believe, you must believe within your soul. You most know without being told. You must trust in it, love it, feed it by pulling in as much good energy you can. When you are able to this, those who can harness it, can change your life. 

Love and relationships are a tremendous part of our lives. We have relationships throughout our entire lives. Some or positive, and some are negative. Some lift us, some makes of feel defeated. They all exist. But wouldn’t you be overwhelmed with joy if you knew without a doubt that this white magic can be harnessed under the right conditions, and directed in a way you choose, even if you don’t know your choosing it? Have you ever spent time with a person that always seem full of love, peace, and harmony. A person that you encounter and they feel earthy, so to speak. We sense that without being told. We are drawn to that person. Our bodies want to bask in that peaceful blanket of white magic energy. You can’t help yourself but to gravitate towards that loving energy. Your body wants it. Why? Because it is the essence of life itself. The essence that fuels your soul, mind, body, and spirit.  We are drawn to our life source.

White magic love spell ingredients
Everything you need for a white magic love spell comes from Mother Earth!!

There are people who devote their lives to serve others. They seek refuge in the loving energies of the universe and understand completely how they flow through all living and non-living things. Those people can grasp onto the loving energies, the white magic of the universe, and help guide it to where it’sneeded. As humans, we want love. Even when we are flooded with darkness, we still seek refuge in love. We want that right moment of love to covet us, fill us, hold us, and keep us safe. Even when we consciously seek to push away love, our soul still seeks it. Our bodies still seek it. Our minds conscious or subconscious seek it. They fight for it. Attempt to find it in any way possible at the time we so desperately need it the most. It isn’t just our instinct, it is our source of life. It is everything and everywhere. 

Unfortunately, sometimes we need help receiving it, because we either don’t know how to harness it, or we are repelling it. That is where what we call white magic spell work comes into action. White magic can be harnessed, and we know this because a light bulb can carry and electrical current. It is possible to harness the loving energy of universe and disperse it as we need it to be. We can use the energy birthed from life, from emotion, from verbal and non-verbal cues. We can harness it all, with a little help. This is what they call spell casting. Some spells call for various resources, and not because we need all those resources to harness loving energies, but because so many variations of energy exist. So many manifestations of white magic exist. Although it is all loving energy, the essence of life. The other components create differences in energy, and how it is suitable to use. Some plants have differently healing abilities. Ways to cleanse our energy of their good or bad, pull energies in, or repel negatively charged energies. Perhaps the loving energy must be fueled by emotions or desires. Perhaps they must be pulled from the sun, or moon, or universal electro-magnetic poll. So many factors come into play. The loving energy of a mother to a child differs from the loving energy of a child to a grandparent, or for that of a lover. Variations exist, and the loving energy because charged and molded to its purpose in various ways. Most love simply comes naturally. In general, it is in our human instinct to love our child or to love our parent, but some situations of love are more complex than that. Some, if not most situations centering on love involve the desire for a romantic partner, the desire for mind body connection, the desire to re-unite with a lover who has been seduced by life, or a lover after we make enough mistakes that they leave. Sometimes, it is simply that we want to take the love that is already there and ignite it with passion. 

This is where love spells come into action. Love spells exist to help those of us who are lost, lonely, and feel helpless in our love situation. Those of us missing a piece of ourselves. Love spells exist to help us do what we cannot do on our own. They use white magic, not to force love, but to take the love that already is the essence of all life, and mold into our hearts desires. White magic loves spells create order in the spontaneous flow of energies. They give it direction and purpose. When harnessed they can do wonders. They can help filter away all the darkness by flooding it out with a sudden shock wave. They can repair bonds, by building up the loving energies inside of two souls. They can draw love to someone by helping them get into a space where they can receive the loving energies of the universe. White magic love spells are so much more than herbs, writings, and photographs. They are the loving power of the universe. 

Imagine waking up one day lost and alone. None of your relationships have every stuck. You’ve never been able to find the right person. Just want one unfulfilled relationship after another, over and over. Your heart aches for a loving lasting relationship. It aches for someone to have children with and grow old with, a best friend, a companion, a lover, a husband or wife, someone to have and to hold for the rest of your life. What if there was a way? What if you not only had a way to receive love into your life, but also a way to reach your soul mate, not matter how near or far away they are from you? It may seem complicated, but it isn’t. White magic can be used to solve this very problem. It is not evil or bad in anyway. It does not bend free will. It can be used to open you up to receiving love. For inviting in the love you so deserve and yearn for. White magic love spell are a way to harness the loving energy and pull it towards you. It is like a signal. A beacon in the fog, calling out for you, inviting in true love to your life. It’s like a fresh cooked meal filling the air with a delicious fragrance. Something inviting. That is what a white magic love spell can do. It is not forceful. It is not harmful. 

Did your whole world fall apart? Are you feeling devastated, broken, ripped apart from the inside out, fogged by darkness, and depression from a break up? Did you lose your partner, the person you are madly in love with? Are you suffering from the worst broken heart of your life, where you see no end in sight? Remember white magic is loving energy, and the essence of life. White magic love spells can help you to re-birth your inner being, and open you up to receiving love again. They can help align the love within your heart and soul with the person you love so dearly and lost. The loving energy can be pointed in the direction of you both, and heal you, as it pulls your back together. Sometime relationships are so broke, that you must first heal and flush out the darkness, while the magic does it’swork. This process take time, patience, devotion, and belief in the power flowing through your love spell. Disbelief is the darkness that blocks you from the healing energies cascading around you from the universe into your love spell. So you must have faith and believe in its power. You must know with your entire being that it will manifest. This is how you open yourself up to receiving the loved one you so desperately miss. A white magic love spell connects to your life to loving energy a river flowing through it. To manifest this river and reach the ocean paradise, you must allow your heart, mind, body and soul to be healed. You must accept the universal loving energy delivered by your white magic love spell so that you are prepare to receive the love of the person you lost, once they return. It’s simple and it’s easy. Allow for the spell to work, and give it time to manifest.

Certainly some of you know the other side to heartache. You’vebeen dumped, left alone, abandoned. Your tired of the longing, the wanting, the missing, the hoping, and the praying. You’retired of it all. You think, why can’t i just get over it? Sometimes you’ve just had enough. Your ready for a fresh start, but you want to do it free of all this heartache. Deep down, your excited for a new love, and hope to have a satisfying relationship, but this baggage is wearing you done. Your uncertain of how to free yourself from all the emotional pain and suffer. Hopeless thinking it will never go away, that it will always be there, but you desperately don’t want to carry it into a new relationship with you. White magic love spells can be used to heal yourselffrom a broken heart. You can use white magic love spells to help you receive love, and truly develop a love and devotion for yourself. Because every relationship must first begin with loving yourself totally and completely, along with personal growth and satisfaction in life. White magic love spells can do this. They can give you the loving energy you need to heal and move forward in life. There is no need to suffer. No need to agonize over the emotional pain. You can have everything you desire and more. 

Many white magic love spells exist today, and are offered in various forms. However, there is not a one size fits all because life is not a one size fits all. Some situations are far easier to address, such as self love, and opening a path to find your true love, but some situations are by far more complex. Perhaps you lost your boyfriend of 3 years, or 7 years, or even a fiance of 10 year. Maybe even a husband or wife. Each situation is different, some are adapted, and some require a lot of extra action because of special circumstance. But have no fear. White magic love spells can still help you. It may take more time, and more steps, but if you allow yourself to open up to receiving love and believing from the depths of your soul. You can succeed. Even if your former partner has met someone else, you can succeed in rekindling that romance. The only true obstacle to success is your mind. 

White magic is and always has been a part of us. White magic love spells are amazing, but white magic itself is limitless. It always exists. It is always moving and flowing. It is everywhere and in everything. White magic exists in that magical $20 bill you found washing your pants. It exists in the back of your mind when you get an urge to call an old friend. It is as real as any of us are. Love never dies, it simply moves. Let the loving energy, the essence of life, cause things to gravitate towards you. Do not fear white magic love spells because you don’t understand them. Embrace them as part of who you are. A love spell doesn’t steal energy, it pulls upon the energy within you, and helps to bring you of that loving worldly essence. your energies are used to find that lost love, to invite new love, and to heal your own broken heart. 

The choice is yours. Continue relying on other tell you what to believe or start opening your mind and heart. Each time you look into the sky, remember, loving energy comes from above and spreads through the whole universe. Everything around you is full of the loving energy. Allow the truth into your heart and into your soul, and then you will truly be ready to receive. 


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