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Our Love Spell Guarantee

Our Love Spell Guarantee

My love spell guarantee
My love spell guarantee is simple: I just want to help. If that’s not happening for you on your own terms, I respect that. This is a place of positivity and healing!

Note: We do NOT sell spells. We are happy to chat with you regarding techniques, tips and materials. We will offer those materials to you, should you wish to purchase them.

We are happy to offer a first time one hour consultation. After that, we ask that our time be purchased if required to assist you in learning how magic can change your life.

If you want to utilize my expertise and hire me through completion of your situation, then here’s what I offer:

Full access to my knowledge of spells.

Unlimited followup: I will provide you with contact information so we can be in contact nonstop through completion.

Accountability: far too often I see spells being cast and little to no direction provided after the completion, or even worse: excuses being made. If you buy something, you should receive it. Plain and simple. Excuse free.

Free love spells

unfortunately, as with anything free, rampant abuse is frequent. Courtesy is not always a two way street when having a website and some have no regard for my time. So free spells are quite easy rule wise:

Everyone gets one consultation for free and unlimited access to the rituals and love spells I’ve posted online. Most questions you could have surrounding them are listed online and if I am bothered with a question I’ve already answered online, it means that it’s easier for that person to be lazy and ask me rather than look. At that point, I draw the line. I have no issues providing my work for free for others to enjoy and use, but expecting my time above and beyond that just shows a level of selfishness and disregard for me that I have no interest in participating in it.

If you really want help and are willing to be courteous and respectful of my time but are held back by money issues, I do offer payments as long as I see some gesture of good will.

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