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Herb complete Kit (10 lb bag)


Herb complete Kit (10 lb bag)

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What you will receive:

10 pounds assorted

Agapanthus africanus

Agrimonia eupatoria

Alnus Glutinosa

Medicago sativa

Pimenta dioica, Pimento officinalis, or Eugenia Pimenta

Prunus dulcis

A. Vera 

Angelica archangelica

Malus domestica

Ocimum basilicum & spp

Herbal Uses Through the Years

The study and use of herbs has been the foundation of modern medicine, ethnic cuisine, aromatherapy, perfumes, dyes, magical spells and flavored drinks.

Medicinal Uses

Most medicines have been developed from herbal sources: aspirin, valium, digitalis, common cold rubs, and many more. Still, using herbs internally as medicines or flavoring does have its hazards. All herbs have medicinal components. Nearly all concentrated herb oils are poisonous if more than 2-3 drops are taken internally. Plants such as mistletoe and mandrake are extremely, instantly poisonous. Others, such as wormwood have effects that accumulate over time. All herbs and oils should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Cooking Uses

Many of the spices in our food were originally included for medicinal, magical or preservative purposes. Garlic and ginger were first used as medicines. Oregano and mint were used to aid and sooth digestion. Mint kept milk from curdling before refrigerators were available. The apples and cinnamon of apple pie were considered to be a love spell. Parsley was supposed to keep evil spirits away from food, so the Romans placed it on their plates, a custom that continues to this day. Later they discovered that Parsley freshened the breath, preceding breath mints by hundreds of years.

Aromatheraphy/Incense Uses

Aromatherapy may be becoming more scientifically accepted, but it has been around since ancient times. Whether coming from oils in a diffuser or burning as incense, the scent has a very strong impact on the human mind and the resulting attitude. The smell can be as relaxing as Lavendar, or as invigorating as Ginger or Lime. Some doctors and hospitals are experimenting with scents to improve relaxation and healing. Perhaps dentists should use Lavendar in their offices!



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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in


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