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Our favorite love spells

Our favorite love spells

When you cast thousands of love spells through the years, you start to have certain rituals that you thoroughly enjoy casting!

This page will be dedicated to our (myself and Carmellas) three favorite white magic love spells and then my three favorite black magic love spells.

As I’ve mentioned in a few different places on this website, I only cast spells related to love. That is where my gift lies, so I do not do much research surrounding other types of spells so unfortunately my knowledge surrounding those topics is extremely limited.

Anyhow, let’s get down to the classics. These love spells have the highest success rate, highest potency grade and all around are the most effective.

Top 3 white magic love spells (in my humble opinion)

1. Love potion #9. Before you instantly dismiss me as a flake, I’m not speaking about the commercially renowned love potion that you can get for $5 at any candle shop. That’s fragrance and water. I’m speaking about an Egyptian variant direct from the source land. Made from water of the Nile river, Omeglon, and the base attraction oil which we need not name. I personally haven’t found a direct source for this since 2004.

Since I don’t have most of these items on hand, I’m simply adding fun extra altar photos!

2. Oil Of Returning (Alt core white magic lunar ritual)

Moons are amazing energy sources. Most “tough to crack cases” bend on the evening of the full moon. There’s just so much power, and when you have the right materials and knowledge, things that seemed impossible melt like butter in front of you. The oil of returning is a love spell used for an emergency new beginning by passing your sense of loss to the person we are casting on. At the end of the full moon, a new lunar cycle begins. A new beginning, and timing your new beginning with the moon while having it conjoined energy wise to your circumstance yields power beyond belief. This oil can only be used during this time and it’s a Wiccan forest based oil extract from a redwood tree.. for living through the ages (look up the age of redwood trees, they are quite an interesting read!) and a few other secret items only a handful of spiritualist las know about.

3. Casual Encounter Love Spell

When you need to simply see, hear from or bump into someone immediately, and it needs to happen now and the situation needs to unfold as smoothly and naturally as possible, you need a casual encounter love spell.

This love spell is much more able to be found in a wide variety of trusted places online, so I don’t need to add a warning. Many reputable places carry the base oil and altar set up for this, and it’s by far one of my favorite love spells to perform and I would be remiss not to mention it.. simply for the fact that after casting it I typically hear my favorite thing from a client or friend: “I just heard from him/her” ha!

My 3 favorite black magic love spells:

1. Stanna Spell – the block magic core connector – off market.

2. Energy restoration point – using a voodoo derivative, this black magic spell is used to create a point being restored between two people where the energy was at its high point.

This particular variant utilizes an actual blood letting ceremony, as it’s a direct exchange of offerings to the Dark Spirits Who Provide and barter. It’s a voodoo doll talisman that’s dipped in a mercury oil which coats the doll and attracts the elemental offering, which mainly consists of precious metals. Most black magic love spells use either animal parts or an offering, and I prefer to live and let live, so I love this love spell even though it isn’t widely discussed.

3. My favorite spell of all time:

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