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Attraction ritual

Attraction ritual

Real love spells that work

List of ingredients and preparation: Personal object of the person we are casting upon, sage, handwritten letter of intent, 6 red and 6 white candles, eagle oil, musk of allure, and kryon lavender.

Timeline for completion: 10 days

Initial short term expectations: the main thing I ask people to watch out for is eye contact (is your situation long distance? Don’t panic! Talk to me for specifics you can do to gauge interest) eye contact is one the most important overlooked signs we can use to figure out someone’s feelings. The eyes are our eh does to the soul, and they say everything without a word being spoken. Idle chitchat that seems out of place, awkward pauses and hesitation to know when to engage you. Gestures of interest (bringing you a snack, or sharing a video or link with you)

Long term expectations: having the person being cast upon to approach you for an advancement or to begin a relationship with you!

Signs of the spell not working: this one can be quite tricky, so I don’t like to post too many “signs” as they can be misconstrued. It’s quite important to know the type of person being cast upon prior to jumping to conclusions. I’ve cast this ritual on grown men who act like teenagers when this spell hits them and they are extremely obnoxious and overly forward. It happens 🙂 Many people get nervous and day or do the wrong thing when they are processing new energy and it’s quite easy to jump to the conclusion they don’t like you or there isn’t interest there because of it.

Note: We do NOT sell spells. We are happy to chat with you regarding techniques, tips and materials. We will offer those materials to you, should you wish to purchase them.

We are happy to offer a first time one hour consultation. After that, we ask that our time be purchased if required to assist you in learning how magic can change your life.

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