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Energy connect

Energy connect

Instant connection love spell

Do love spells work?

Absolutely they do, and getting on the same page as your partner is extremely important. Sometimes when two people are completely in love, that love can mean different things to each of them. When this happens, it’s important to regroup and be able to refocus with a set of common goals, interests and even a schedule sometimes.. I’ve seen many couples fall apart simply to a schedule that restored their ability to spend quality time together outside of falling asleep.

List of ingredients and preparation:

Candle set (6/6 red white rotated), core connect oils, essence of shaden, tigers eye stones for altar corners. Lunar cycle consist, refract me oil, and lavender oils.

Timeline for completion: 4 days

Initial short term expectations: adjustments of daily routines, schedules and making more time to for activities together. Surprises, and sweet romantic gestures to share love together.

Long term expectations: implementation of these above mentioned specifics and making them planned events that are part of a lifestyle, not single isolated events. Being surprised with a vacation is lovely, but it’s better to have something set frequently so you both look forward to having time that’s sets aside simply to grow and repair your connection together.

Signs of the spell not working: cancelled plans, avoiding the issues being discussed, not acknowledging the issue exists, anger and explosiveness when brought up, or shutting down and remaining quiet.

Note: We do NOT sell spells. We are happy to chat with you regarding techniques, tips and materials. We will offer those materials to you, should you wish to purchase them.

We are happy to offer a first time one hour consultation. After that, we ask that our time be purchased if required to assist you in learning how magic can change your life.

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