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Pain removal

Pain removal

Synopsis: A powerful white magic love spell used to help couples deal with and move through issues that could normally end a relationship.

List of ingredients and preparation: (some of these items you won’t recognize, that’s ok )

Love spell oils
Some materials we use for our love spells aren’t readily available unless you know where to look 🙂 Contact your local verified spiritual shop!

Oil stock 32, black diamond, candle trays and tables, altar center table, instance box, quartz stones, maple leaf branch. Elemental oils,

Timeline for completion:

Severity of the issue determines timelines when removing instances of pains As with any painful event, every Love Spell is custom. Consult with me for your timeline based upon your initial meditation to see where the current levels stand.

Initial short term expectations:

More dialogue is able to take place surrounding the event. More physical affection through hugs, hand holding, crying together and long embraces, moments of happy recollections.

Long term expectations:

Ability to work through the event with both parties vocalizing that despite what’s taken place that they both want to remain in the relationship, friendship, or work situation.

Disclaimer: The success rate of this is quite low when the two people weren’t in love at the beginning. I highly recommend only using this love spell if there is a strong history or foundation prior to the negative event that transpired.

Note: We do NOT sell spells. We are happy to chat with you regarding techniques, tips and materials. We will offer those materials to you, should you wish to purchase them.

We are happy to offer a first time one hour consultation. After that, we ask that our time be purchased if required to assist you in learning how magic can change your life.

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