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Intensify bond

Intensify bond

List of ingredients and preparation: Redwood tree branch (redwoods last hundreds of years and are a sign of endurance) kiri oil, lavender, sage, omeglon, core attraction oils, elemental altar, core oils. Printed photo of couple together.

Timeline for completion: 10 days

Initial short term expectations: planning future events, solid connection on all 3 core levels (physical, verbal and emotional)

Long term expectations: implementation of above mentioned short term goals!

Signs of the spell not working: coldness, distancing, canceled events, changed future plans, disconnected core levels (even if it’s just one)

Note: We do NOT sell spells. We are happy to chat with you regarding techniques, tips and materials. We will offer those materials to you, should you wish to purchase them.

We are happy to offer a first time one hour consultation. After that, we ask that our time be purchased if required to assist you in learning how magic can change your life.

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