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Twin flames

Twin flames

As mentioned on the previous page, this love spell is the most commonly wasted and misused love spell on the market. Everyone wants the person they love to be their twin flame, however many people force that when it’s evident they don’t share the correct bond for that to be accurate.

Twin flames love spell
When you’ve met that special someone and you just know it’s meant to be.. that’s a twin flame.

List of ingredients and preparation: Lavender. 6 red votive candles, essential stones and gems, connect oil, old spirit bonding oil, bring us closer oil, mirror me oil, eternal soul oil, binding altar, core omeglon (5ct/Cr/be)

Timeline for completion: 5 days

Initial short term expectations: None.

Long term expectations: Verification of connected lifelong energy.

Signs of the spell not working: It’s hard to be told if it is or isn’t working. You would feel the connection with that person and you would see increased signs of compatibility, visual words without sound, shared mental images etc

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